Pedi, Set, Let’s Go Spring!

Happy Spring!  Here in Chicago, it’s still hit or miss with a knock on wood that it could absolutely start snowing anytime through April, but I’m hopeful that spring is hear to stay, so why not get ready to enjoy it!

It’s an exciting time to be able to dig into the bottom of my shoe bin to pull out my beloved sandals!  But, my FEET!  EEK!?  They are NOT ready for this sort of exposure. In fact, neither are my legs!  Here’s my Pedi, Set, Go Guide to getting your unexposed winter parts ready for the sun!

It’s Time to Shave… Like for Reals!

You know who you are… either you’re single or your BF doesn’t mind roaming the wild jungle that has sprouted on your legs.  It’s okay though, because there’s an easier, gentler way to shave.

Schick: Intuition Razor (Prices range from $9-$12 at your local drug store)
I love love love Intuition Razors, because even though it’s more of an investment than cheap razors, the built in skin conditioning solid helps to remove unwanted hair without dulling your skin.  Not only is it smooth sailing with less cuts when you glide over difficult areas like your knees, but this is easy and safe to use on your under arms too!

Get your glow on!

If you haven’t taken a look at my profile or social media, then you may not know that I am very pale Irish lookin’ lady.  Soooo I am like a ghost now since my skin hasn’t seen the sun in quite a while.  #ChicagoWinter #Chiberia

Jergens: Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer (7.5 fl. oz/$7.64 at
There’s a lot of self tanners out there, and some a great and some are absolutely scary.  Over the years I have experimented with these brands and I always come back to Jergens.  Their Natural Glow line is a gradual way to get your glow.  Every day that I apply it’s a little bit darker and if I feel like I’m getting too unnatural I just skip a day.  They have Fair to Medium and Medium to Dark available for developing your glow.  I also love that there Natural Glow Line now offers firming and SPF versions.  The SPF version is perfect for me, because I get to look like I have had a little bit of beach time without the skin cancer risk.  #Winning  I especially love this for my legs, because even when I do get sun, my darn legs either get red streaks and are totally uneven or they just remain pale and pasty.  This is the perfect applicator after you shave to have a smooth, sun-kissed legs ready for sundress weather:)

Exfoliate Away Dead Winter Skin!

Winter is rough on the skin, so even if you keep up with your moisturizing routine, it’s always a good habit to exfoliate to maximize the benefits for your bod.

Sabon: Foot Scrub (5.1 fl. oz./$22 at
I love, love, love Sabon products because of their mission to create luxury bath and body products with natural ingredients.  It says foot scrub, but this rich formula is great for exfoliating your legs and feet with a bit of menthol to refresh and hydrate your limbs.  I love to use this after shaving and before applying lotion or sunless tanner.  Your legs will look younger, healthier and smoother from any shave bumps that occur.  This is also totally great for guys too:)  Everyone wears sandals and flip flops, so you if your feet need a pick me up this is a great way to treat yo’ feet;)

Treat Yo’ Feet!

Once you’ve exfoliated your feet, now it’s time to treat them right!  Feet deserve something different than your regular moisturizer for your legs and body.  We put them through so much stress and they are more prone to get dried out that you need something stronger.

Neutrogena: Foot Cream (2 fl. oz./$4.69 at
There’s no better deal than this!  It’s less than $5 bucks for super rich, nourishing lotion to treat those toes and cracking heals!  I have said this about their hand lotion too, but the Norwegian Formula is totally the secret sauce to making this a great product.  I also love that there’s no scent, because there’s no need to make our feet smell like a bouquet of flowers.  This lotion eaves your skin feeling soft and replenished.

Get Ready for your Pedi!

What’s the best part about showing off all this prep work you’ve done for your legs and feet!?  The beautiful rainbow of colors that you can paint your toes!  But first, Let’s get a base coat on there:)

OPI: Natural Base Coat (.5 fl. oz/$10 at
The best way to protect your nails is to start with a base coat like OPI’s Natural Base Coat.  Their formula helps your pedi last longer and prevents staining of the nail bed.

Pick a Color!

Spring 2016 has so many fancy options, but I’ll share a few that will definitely be on my radar:)


Butter London: Nail Laquer in Nude Stilletos (.4 fl. oz/$15 at
Perfect for springtime, this sheer pink shade will give you some color and class.


NARS: Nail Polish in Jungle Red (.5 fl. oz./$20 at
Red is always classy, and I love this slightly berry hue by NARS.  Like an LBD this goes great with everything!

Orange (Coral)

Essie: Nail Polish in Chubby Cheeks (.46 fl. oz/$8.50 at
This is my personal fave!  I Love corals that are not too orange-y. I’m crazy about this bright and fun color that will go with my spring wardrobe!

Yellow (Gold)

Chanel: Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in 518 CHAÎNE OR (.4 fl. oz./$28 at
Bright and light, without being in your face:)  This is the perfect yellow with a bit of gold in it, so you can get funky without letting your neon 80s-freak flag fly.


Yves Saint Laurent: La Laque Couture Spring Collection in Peace Green (.34 fl. oz/$28 at
Such a cool limited edition shade from YSL for Spring!  Peace Green has some purple-y hints that creates a beautiful iridescent look.  If a nail shade had feelings this would truly be peaceful and serene.


OPI: Hello Kitty Nail Lacquer Collection in My Pal Joey (.5 fl. oz/$10 at
When I was a kid my sisters and I had this how-to manicure book with all sorts of wild colors.  We’d try to make flowers and stars with special tiny brushes to have outrageous summer nails.  This is the perfect bright funky blue to give you an adult, but polished pop of color.


Sally Hansen: Complete Salon Manicure in Plum’s the World (.5 fl. oz./$7.99 at
This Plum wonder is a great neutral, and an awesome way to transition from Winter to Spring!


Julep: Glitter Nail Color in Yumi (.27 fl. oz./$14 at
This Julep Glitter Nail in Yumi is a great weekend or bachelorette party fun color!

Finishing Touch… Promise!

After all this shaving, exfoliating, moisturizing and getting our legs and feet all prepped for Spring Sandal season, you best make sure that your toes are protected!

Top Coat

Essie: Gel Setter Top Coat (.46 fl. oz./$10 at
My mom is a traditional lady who gets a mani every week and pedi every 4 weeks.  She takes her nails very seriously and she always uses this top coat.  It absolutely makes your mani/pedi last longer and is worth the investment!

Do you have any great mani/pedi tips and tricks?  Have a great nail color that you’re obsessed with?! Hit me up at, on social media or by commenting!


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