Hi!  I’m Meghan.

I’m the founder and editor of North and Red. I started this blog to share my culinary adventures, travel tips, and music and theater endeavors in the windy city and beyond.

Why North? I currently reside on the Northside of Chicago.

Lake Michigan, Chicago IL July 2015

Why Red? Even though my hair isn’t naturally red (gasp), I have colored my hair various shades of red since I was 15. And of course, redheads have more fun!

Chicago, IL July 2015
Chicago, IL July 2015

More about Me  

I was born and raised in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Growing up I had an interest in the performing arts, learning different instruments, singing in choir, and acting in school plays. I attended Lawrence University to study voice. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a minor in Theatre Arts which led to my pursuit of performing.  When I returned to the Chicago area after college, I moved to the city where I supported myself as a barista and continued studying and performing as an actor (comedic and dramatic), improviser, and singer.

Throughout my professional life I have worn many hats from working for a non-profit coordinating events and programing to support young artists in Chicago to most recently working for a start up in marketing and building brand awareness.  Those that have worked with me or know me well, would say that I am the ultimate planner and always put my whole self into whatever I am doing.  To me, being busy and having multiple jobs and/or projects going at one time is a part of what it means to be me. As I get older (now in my early 30s) with each opportunity that comes my way, I learn more and ultimately get to do more great things.

I have a passion for meeting new people, exploring new cuisines, going to new places and having unique cultural experiences.  I’m always seeking out the best or most unique dining experiences and coolest stuff to do, and along the way I’m always looking for my own personal balance.  

I have fallen down literally and figuratively a lot in life and I hope that I can share some cool things to do, places to go, and maybe a few tips along the way on how I see the world and try to be the best and most authentic version of myself there is to be.  So, as a friend once told me, “You do you, girl.”  And with that said, thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet. I hope you get a chance to come back again, because I have some great things in store!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Collaborate? Let’s connect!  Please contact me at NorthandRed@gmail.com